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Install Google Pixel Launcher in Any Android Phone

Google Pixel

Google Pixel is a Android device which was developed by Google inc.The designed it and release it on October 2016.This is the secondary Android from Google.The first one was Nexus.

Google Pixel Launcher

Pixel launcher is the stock launcher of google pixel device.It is a smooth,faster,stylish launcher that will design your android smartphone like a pixel phone.
To use this launcher,you need an android phone which is running on Android 5 (Lollipop) and up.Sorry to say,that if your device running below Android 5,than you can't install this launcher at this time.Surly,I think google will release the official pixel launcher for below Android 5 os like Kitkat(4.4.x),Jelly Bean (4.2.x).

Download Pixel Launcher

You can easily download this launcher from the link below.First look at the pixel launcher screenshot's from my device.

Last Words:

You may download and install the launcher.Its rated 10 out of 10 in styles,smoothness and design.To look your phone like a google pixel smartphone,you surely need this launcher.And stay with us for next updates.Thank you very much.

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