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How To Upload Blogspot Blogger Theme Using Android Device

You should know that,we can upload anykind of blogger theme/template by using any android device.
It is so easy that you can do this in just 5 minutes.Okay,so we may start now.

Upload Blogger Theme Using Android Phone

Step 1:

Log in to blogger dashboard and go to theme/template option.

Note: You may use Google Chrome or Firefox Browser for Android

Step 2:

Now find Backup/Restore in corner,and click on it

You should get a pop-up option like the image below

You may backup current one for future restore if something goes wrong there.Click on "Download Theme" to back up the theme

Step 3:

Than click on "Choose File" and select Document option and find your theme (as xml formate) and choose it.

After choosing your theme you will see like below

Than click on "Upload" button and wait few seconds for applying the theme to your blog.

Than you will see a pop up message that you have successfully applied your choosed theme to your blog like below.


You have successfully uploaded your theme to blogger by using Android device!

Thanks For Reading!

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